Care Instructions

Fabric items 
All fabrics have been washed prior to making your item to reduce shrinkage. 
Hand or machine wash on a 30 degree cycle. 

Teething Ring
You can prep the wood with coconut oil to maintain wood smoothness and minimising the effects of daily use. Do this by gently rubbing a small amount of the oil onto the wood.
Untie fabric ( bunny ears) and wash as above.
  Wooden teething rings are safer than plastic or silicone teething rings. They offer all the benefits of a standard teething ring with the added bonus of antibacterial properties and that peace of mind that they are manufactured without chemicals, making them safer and environmentally friendly. 

You can wash the wooden teething ring with soap and water to clean and air dry. 
Tie back bunny ears when ready to use again

Drying fabric
Shake out your blanket and feel free to either air dry or tumble dry on a low heat. All other items can be tumble or air dryed.

Ironing Instructions
It's absolutely fine to iron the Ankara cotton, Kente cotton, Printed cotton and Terry Towelling on a medium temperature, you can also steam iron, however please refrain from ironing the fleece on our blankets. It's best to iron the baby vests and t-shirts inside out. PLEASE KEEP ALL ITEMS AWAY FROM FIRE.